Many of our sponsors, exhibitors, members and attendees have reported making wonderful new friends and referral connections as a direct result of their participation in the ICN.

Here are some of the things they have to say about ICN Founder, Karen P. Rainer…

“I had heard lots of good things about the Inner Circle events until I finally participated last summer, but the feedback didn’t do the event justice. These events are amazing! I have been to the last three Inner Circle Luncheons and they are firmly planted on my calendar EVERY quarter. There is so much opportunity for making new connections and expanding your network at these events! The connections I make in one three hour Inner Circle event match and top most three day conferences I attend. I recommend the Inner Circle to anyone and everyone looking to make new connections, find new opportunities and expand their network.”

Jordan Young, Conference Coordinator, Foundations Recovery Network

“Karen is a dedicated professional, and demonstrates a strong knowledge of addiction. Whether working with a family member or client, Karen creates a safe and caring environment. Karen you are a wonderful asset to our profession.”

Sarah Sacks, CEO, Transformations at Jupiter Counseling

“Karen has always been available for me and my clients when needed. She is highly invested in the field; she is very knowledgeable and in addition kind, compassionate and caring.”

Dr. Sergio Badel, Chief of Psychiatry, University Hospital

“Karen is a fine interventionist – conscientious, direct, and compassionate. She is willing to go the extra mile in every endeavor she undertakes. She is a true professional in the field of addiction and it is indeed an honor to have her as a colleague and friend.”

Vaughn Howland, Intervention Director, Intervention Center

“I have known Karen for over 8 years and have worked around and with her in many capacities; at different facilities, site visits, conferences, as consultants and at her meetings for the Circle of Care and Inner Circle. Karen has always acted knowledgeable, professional and with care and concern for the best interest of the client and family. Her insight into the Florida treatment market, and workings of the substance abuse and mental health system has been shared openly and assisted many clients, families and other professionals.

Michael Walsh, MS, CAP, Board Registered Interventionist, Owner, Addiction Treatment Options, Inc.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Over the years i have known Karen , i have seen her caring and dedicated work in the field of addiction. She continues to expand her knowledge in this field, hence expanding her network and abilities to provide the highest quality service.”

Donny Sutton Brown, Ambrosia Treatment Center

“If only everyone knew what Karen can do for their business AND their clients. I have personally had the pleasure of gaining increased exposure for my business. In addition, I have had the opportunity to observe her work with individual clients that is truly extraordinary. Karen’s professionalism while performing interventions, treatment coordination and business networking is second to none. Her relationship-based modality is remarkable and her work has proven itself many times over the years.”

Philip Cory, Owner, Treatment USA, LLC

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Karen Rainer as a professional in the mental health field. Ms. Rainer is caring, responsible, ethical and extremely knowledgeable of both local and interstate service providers. Karen would be an asset in any function in which she is contracted for.”

Carol Gwaltney, LCSW, Continuing Education Chair and Immediate Past President, South Florida Society for Trauma Based Disorders

“Karen is an innovative, honest and supportive creative force. She cares, shares and brings spirits together in love and productivity. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her work.”

Jamie Huysman, Psy.D., LCSW, CAP, Managing Partner, Partners in Health & Entertainment

“I met Karen shortly after coming to Florida. She was instrumental in helping me get my career in full swing here in the area. Karen has proven to be extremely knowledgable in the art of assessments, patient placement, and a great networker. Her untiring efforts to assist both clients and professionals, and besides being a terrific individual, are her biggest assets.”

Dale Jerue, Business Development Representative, Recovery First, Inc.

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